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Sealed In-Cup Drinks

The in cup drinks have a unique cup and foil seal style that ensures a fresh “just opened” drink flavour every time. The unique seal means product shelf life is extended when left outside the primary packaging sleeve.
For security and hygiene reasons the cup is tamper evident and it is cleaner than all other styles as the powdered ingredients are never allowed near the cup outer wall.
It eliminates waste in vending machines by preventing moisture and oxygen entering the cup until the seal is torn away. Yes, the sealed cup can save you money.
It is ideal for outside catering in areas such as camping, walking, boating etc. These drinks are ideal for anywhere where prepared drinks are required immediately with the minimum of fuss and carriage.
The in cup drinks are ideal for Emergency Caterers who use our quality products for the same reasons.
The array of fins on the outer cup wall help keep fingers away from the hot drink surface.
The drinks are available in black, white and white + sugar.